A board game that is not made to be played other then with booze and friends.

Weapon cards

Weapon cards are the cards you use to kill enemy's (obviously). But beware, some enemy's can't be beat by certain weapons. Some weapons are more powerfull than others and some weapons are just freakin' awesome.

Choice cards

Choice cards give you an option to pick from. Will you help or stab someone in the back. Pick one and then suffer the consequences. They can be good for you, or complete f*ck you so much you wanne scream and jump out a window.

Event cards

Every general turn, all players must go trough an event together. This can go from a snowstorm, the discovery of a time machine to the a visit to your local dentist. They can award you stuff or be a royal pain in the ass.

Enemy cards

These cards are the bastard you need to destroy. Now, some of them you might not even get to kill rather then shoo off. Some of them can't even be killed physical weapons. It's rather impossible to kill sarcasm with a sword now is it...

Player cards

If you have enemy cards and weapon cards you obviously need cards that represent the players. There's not a lot of them but they each have their special effects. Some are better then others in specific situations. Just like in real life.